Fronteras Capital Investment Bank (FCIB) is an African financial services firm designed to act as a gateway solution to provide access to the resources and expertise that African businesses need to excel, as well as enable African clients to participate in global markets.

Fronteras was initially founded as a private equity investment business with proprietary investments in Zimbabwe and South Africa. While undertaking these activities, the founders recognized a greater need to expand capital markets in Africa and to enable world class skills, expertise and financial capability to reach entrepreneurs, corporations and public sector entities both in Zimbabwe and throughout the region.

FCIB now comprises two main divisions: Fronteras Corporate Advisors Private Limited (FCA) and Fronteras Asset Management Private Limited (FAM). FCIB has its principal office in Harare, Zimbabwe, with representative offices in Mauritius, Johannesburg, and Cape Town.

We provide advice on:
• Corporate strategy
• Restructuring of public, private and state-owned enterprises
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Capital raising
• Asset management

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