Our Core Business 

Our firm’s central focus is on providing sound, innovative and clear advice. We rely upon a strong core team of local experts, supported by a regional network of associate advisors to bring our clients fresh insights and best practices. Discretion and confidentiality, high performance standards, and keen insight into the unique aspects of the African economic context underline everything FCA does. Further, we are well-established in the Southern African region, and bring credible, meaningful local relationships and perspectives to every engagement.

Corporate and Financial Advisory Services

Fronteras Corporate Advisors (FCA) primarily advises on the following:

  • Overall corporate strategy – including development of corporate structures and strategy for medium and large enterprises
  • Restructuring of public, private and state-owned enterprises – adjusting financial and operational structures to meet emerging and changing economic, legal and policy realities
  • Capital raising activities – advising on project finance, potential mergers and acquisitions, and additional forms of corporate fundraising such as debt and equity issues
  • Research and analysis – providing access to data regarding policies and emerging trends in various sectors, countries, and how they might impact FCA clients based on their own corporate profiles.
  • Due diligence – financial and legal

Family owned/Family led Business – Specialized Corporate Advisory 

Family owned enterprises hold great value for strong growth in economies around the world. As such, they also offer attractive returns through various pathways including turn around and restructured businesses, mergers and acquisitions , new capital provisions through private equity structures as well as public listings.

Fronteras Corporate Advisory Services offers a unique service for Family Owned and Family led businesses which focuses on realizing maximum value.

Our services focus on enabling medium sized entities to transition to value creating wealth generating enterprises over time delivering strong return to shareholders and stakeholders. We focus on:

  • Corporate governance, management, succession planning
  • Risk management and solutions
  • Capital structure advisory
  • Turn around management and business rescue
  • Access to appropriate finance

Asset Management 

Fronteras Asset Management has a portfolio of four distinct strategic Funds into which people can invest. These are:

Fronteras Private Equity Fund
Exposes investors to opportunities that provide superior risk adjusted returns outside of the South Africa market, with a focus on Zimbabwe and the SADC region. This is a 5 to 7-year investment opportunity.

Fronteras Property Fund
A portfolio of properties with the potential for superior yields and capital appreciation. This is a 24-month investment opportunity.

Fronteras Opportunity Fund
Exploits arbitrage opportunities in the emerging Zimbabwe economy. It is a highly liquid fund and presents investors with exposure to a Zimbabwe-focused hedge fund.

Fronteras Defensive Fund
A defensive global fund focused on foreign currency (forex) denominated assets, designed to give forex earners access and exposure to international investment opportunities.